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What is the Diabetes Longevity Study?

In this first phase of our three phase study, we are looking for Canadians with 50 years or more of type 1 diabetes to fill out an at-home mail-based questionnaire that takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

There is a lot you can teach us. Clinicians, educators, and even policy makers are eager to learn more about diabetes care, from you.

By sharing your story and participating in this research study, you will be contributing to the understanding of type 1 diabetes and the factors that lead to a successful life.

What does the questionnaire ask me about?

The questionnaire will allow us to learn more about you, your lifestyle, and how you have managed your diabetes over the years. The questionnaire will ask you about your diabetes history, other health conditions, medications, recent bloodwork and eye test results, medical conditions in your family, diet and exercise, and quality of life.

How do I get involved?

Get in touch with us by signing up on this webpage or by calling us toll free at 1-855-808-0150 or by emailing us at longevity.MSH@sinaihealthsystem.ca.

If you qualify for the study and will send you a questionnaire package  by mail. You may take all the time you need to fill it out.

To return the questionnaire you can mail it back in the pre-paid envelope provided. If you need assistance we can also fill out the questionnaire with you over the phone.


March 24, 2015: The second phase of our study is in full swing! We are looking for participants with type 1 diabetes and non-diabetic volunteers for in-depth clinical tests. Contact us for details. We are still accepting participants for the first phase of the Diabetes Longevity Study!

October 16, 2014: We’re still accepting participants for the questionnaire phase of our study. The second phase is beginning soon, more details to come!

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